A 3-Day Virtual Event

Leap from 5 to Multi 6 Figures In Your Coaching Business


$597 $149

A 3-Day Virtual Event

Leap from 5 to Multi 6 Figures In Your Coaching Business

A 3-Day Virtual Event

Leap from 5 to Multi 6 Figures In Your Coaching Business

$597 $149

There's nothing more exhilarating than the moment you realize that you were meant to build a business that

There's nothing more exhilarating than the moment you realize that you were meant to build a business that

Finally, your path forward and to create an impact is CLEAR.

But what’s not clear is how to bring that vision into reality.



    But, you're struggling to bring all the pieces together in a cohesive way.  Consistent clients and income feels so far away.......and you’re tired, frustrated, and feel overwhelmed.

    You see other coaches CRUSHING it, but you can’t figure out their secrets. You’re no stranger to success but you can’t help but wonder if maybe you’re just not cut out for the build-your-coaching business thing.

    ...but, you feel like you’re just running in circles every day.

    Even though you were excited to NOT have your boss telling you what to do every day, now you secretly wish you had someone guiding you with what to do, when to do it, and in what order.

    Some months are great (you make $3,000 – $5,000). But, the next month, you’re back down to $1,000 or even $0. If you’re honest, you don’t even have a clear strategy or a consistent system to generate leads, clients, and cash.

    There’s a whirlwind of marketing & sales information out there – you’re busy learning, launching, doing webinars, and as soon as you learn one thing, something new pops up. 

    Or, there’s so much to digest that you find yourself staring blankly at your computer screen...

    It was great, but only took you so far.

    Now you’re ready to learn the skillsets, mindsets, and strategies that are required to build a coaching business (gives you freedom) instead of a coaching practice (makes you busy). 

I have good news: Your growth doesn’t have to be incremental and the path forward doesn’t have to be hard, frustrating, or unclear.

It’s your strategic roadmap that practically guarantees your business SUCCESS.  

That’s exactly what you’ll gain when you join us at SIX FIGURE IMPACT LIVE.  

Believe it or not...

  • Creating a wildly successful coaching business doesn’t have to be a slow process (it can be fun!)
  • It's possible to LEAP from 5 to multiple six figures (I'll show you how my business grew from $40k to $220 and it'll work for you, too).
  • The more money you make, the more impact you can create. (Yes, it's true.) 
  • Only 10% of coaches ever make it to six figure income level and create the impact that is possible for them (which is precisely why it’s imperative you join us and get the right guidance and be part of that 10%). 
  • It's not your fault. You're a smart person and a talented coach. You just haven't been taught the skillsets, mindsets, and strategies that are required to create a thriving coaching business (don't worry, we're giving you ALL of that at the event).

Join us June 23-25th at Six Figure Impact LIVE! to uncover:

  • How to Position Yourself and Stand out in a Crowd (there's Authority Marketing and there's regular marketing...we're teaching Authority Marketing)
  • The Secrets to FILL Your Programs with 5 Star Clients (no more working with people that drain your energy or don't do the work!) without stress, overwhelm, or confusion
  • How to easily ATTRACT, ENROLL and CONVERT your ideal clients in a 1:Many setting and make it an easy YES (get ready to fall in love with sales and lead gen!) 
  • Your REVENUE PLAN for leaping from 5 to Multi 6 Figures in the next 12 months (hello clarity and action plan!)
  • The MINDSET shifts that are required for you to step into - and maintain - your next level of success
  • Your HIRING PLAN for Success (when and who to hire, how and when to scale)

"Krista is top-notch; she coaches, trains, and encourages curiosity throughout the program. With a mix of action guides, content, one-to-one and group exercises, and engaging interaction, Krista keeps you on your toes and constantly looking toward the future while stretching (to overcome) the mindset hindrances and obstacles that it’s easy to be overwhelmed by. 

Personally, I overcame a feeling of inferiority and showed up better, more present, and more engaged with my clients just days after Six Figure Impact®  Live.

And, what you’ll learn will support you well beyond "six figures"!

- Debbie Radish-Respess, Invisible Horizons Coach and Consulting

"Between the amazing connections I made at Six Figure Impact® Live, and the brain-popping content Krista shared, I am 100% glad I invested the time to attend. 

During the event, I decided to raise my rates, came up with a more streamlined approach to earn a bigger six figure income, and realized one of the biggest mindset shifts I need to make to get out of my own way."

- Anita Henderson, Write Your Life

"Your opportunity to get clarity around your marketing, sales, branding and purpose starts with attending Six Figure Impact® LIVE and connecting with Krista. The event is thought provoking and practical. Plus, it’s fun!  

If you're just beginning or a seasoned business owner, it’s worth your time to attend and get to know Krista."

- Joe Schum, Soul Patch Hippo Coaching

"If you’re someone who doesn't like high energy, amazing mindset work, or thought provoking activities then this event isn’t for you. Krista's delivery and leadership was a lesson in and of itself.

She showed us how we can make an impact in this world and really drove the point home with very moving and impactful exercises. Because of attending, I’m now thinking about parts of my business in new ways.

I attend many events each year and Six Figure Impact® LIVE is one of the best."

- Lori Lyons, Ignite Marketing

"Six Figure Impact® LIVE was a fabulous experience!  The event was full of fun (but serious) business owners that were supportive of each other and open to new ideas and learning.  

The energy and inspiration that came from Krista, along with solid steps to make each person's Six Figure Impact® come to life, was amazing.

Krista is the real deal when it comes to mentorship and coaching!"

- Judy Fritz, VIP Services

Join us to for this 3 day virtual event to discover the PROVEN path to leap from 5 to Multi 6 Figures.


That is such a big and important question. 

The answer depends on what you’re willing to do and the actions you're willing to take.  

When you’re doing it all alone, it’s easy to get off track, focus on the wrong things, and lose your momentum.  

The more shiny objects you chase and the more misaligned strategies you try, the more frustrated you’ll get – guaranteed. 

Without a clear plan that's proven to work, it's easy to get distracted and focus on whatever seems to be the most pressing that day or the newest strategy to land in your inbox. 

I have really great news: There’s an easier, step by step method, for growing your business.

At Six Figure Impact LIVE! you'll clearly see exactly what to do to grow your business so there's no more guessing and hoping. I’ll show you exactly when to do it, and how to create the results in your business that you know, in your heart, are possible.  

This intimate event has been specifically designed to change the way you approach your business and to stop the doubt and confusion around how to ditch incremental growth once and forever. Is it ok with you I help make the path forward much more clear? 

You’ll walk away with your rapid growth game plan that's not only proven to work but will create fast momentum.

Isn't it about time to allow the right strategy and mindset to infuse your business?

Whether you’re still ramping up and need more support with your marketing and revenue plan or you’re further along and want to know the secret to earning substantially more while working less, at Six Figure Impact LIVE! we've got you covered.  

This event has one specific mission: to show you how to upgrade your business, your mindset, and your strategy so you can leap from 5 to Multi 6 figures in the next 12 months.

We're demystifying the process and giving you the exact steps to take and in the right order so you can finally create the business you're called to create.

Let's create your cash infusion plan so you can create your


This 3 Day LIVE (virtual) event will give you:

1. REAL marketing and business strategy that creates REAL results. There's zero fluff and you'll learn exactly what's working now, what's not working, and where to invest your energy for the fastest return.

2. The EXACT FRAMEWORK to leap from 5 to multi 6 figures in less than 12 months (and it will work for you, too.)  

3. How to Leverage Authority Marketing to stand out in the crowd, share your message and create an impact.

4. How to ATTRACT, ENROLL, and FILL YOUR programs without stress, frustration, or overwhelm.  

5. How, who, and when to HIRE FOR SUCCESS (stop guessing who and when to hire and follow our blueprint to avoid costly mistakes of hiring too soon, too late, or by bringing in the wrong person.)

6. The MINDSET SHIFTS that are necessary for you to reach - and maintain - your next level of business growth.

What you’ll experience: 

  • Real, no-holds-barred guidance and real strategic mapping from someone who has been where you are, understands what you’re going through, and has the proven framework to help you leap from 5 to multi 6 figures without stress, overwhelm, or worry.
  • A supportive community of people who are excited to lift you up and support you in this amazing next phase of your business’ expansion.
  • Meaningful conversations with like-minded coaches who are ready to bust through to their next level of awesome. You’ll feel energized, inspired, and supported every step of the way. 
  • The connections you’ll make at this virtual event will extend long after our 3 days together. Referral partners, team members, accountability buddies, clients, and collaboration opportunities are all waiting for you!

Six Figure Impact LIVE Is June 23-25th


I’m Krista Martin, Business Growth Strategist and Coach for Coaches that are ready to PLAY BIG.

I’ve been EXACTLY where you may be right now – in fact, I’ve been on both ends of the business building spectrum.  

I’ve been in the place of trying to ramp up my business and not getting any traction. Stalled out at $40k, unsure of what to do.

I’ve also been burned out because of having too many clients, too much work and a business model that didn’t allow me to have the freedom I was looking for. (That was the first year my coaching business reached into the land of multiple six figures.)

We're on track to surpass $1 Million this year, the dream team is coming together, and we're having fun working with clients that are ALL IN and getting results.

I'm not sharing this to brag, but to help you see that your growth doesn't have to be slow. It doesn't have to incremental.

That's why I'm so excited for you to say YES to your business and join us for Six Figure Impact® LIVE. I want you to have the exact path to create fast results and an opportunity to re-commit to YOU, your business, and the impact you’re here to make.

What will be different for you when you know exactly what to do, and when, to grow your business?

Reserve your seat for Six Figure Impact LIVE!



Join us to network before, during, and after the event and have your specific business questions answered (YES, even before the event kicks off). Our private Facebook Group is not only the most fun place to be, it’s also where you’ll gain pre-event resources, training, 1:1 support, community and more.

Be prepared to make incredible business connections and long-term friendships that will last long after the event. Running your business can be isolating so I’ve taken every step possible to make sure you feel like you’re right at home, with your new business besties.


This is intentionally an intimate, workshop-style virtual event where you'll have an opportunity to learn, to do the work, and get unstuck. 

You’ll have multiple opportunities to ask your questions, get focused attention and eyes on your business, and will leave feeling confident, inspired, and ready to take action.

Reserve your spot to join us June 23-25, 2021!

"By working with Krista, my focus, confidence, and results have soared. She keeps me in my lane so that I can use my energy in a focused, productive way. 

In one month, I made more money than I did in all of the previous year.

~ Diana M., Executive Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach

"I had a $21,000 week. I’d say that’s success! This would NEVER have happened had I tried to create my coaching business as a DIY project.  

Since working with Krista, I’ve created workshops, gained confidence in being visible wherever I go, as well as having set up processes to inviting, enrolling and communicating with clients. Krista’s guidance has been above and beyond my expectations. " 

~ Joanne A., Professional Development & Academic Life Coach

"I cannot thank Krista enough for all of her support. Without her gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudges getting me into ‘imperfect action,’ I’d still be wondering what to do next, signing up for every free webinar, overwhelmed and unfocused. 

My hesitation to work with a business coach can only be described as IRONIC because I could easily justify investing in things…like systems, training, etc., but for some reason, it took me a long time to realize that I needed to invest in ME. I had grown as much as I could on my own, but to get to the next level, I needed help. 

That’s where Krista came in. Since we started working together, I secured my first corporate client (it was a home run!), and I’m now getting referrals and opportunities to speak, consult, and train. My business is growing. "

~ Camille M., Leadership Coach and Consultant

"As a business storyteller and copywriter, I knew there was a real need for my services, but I wasn’t sure how to best position myself or whether anyone would pay me to help them. 

Krista helped me to clearly see, appreciate, and articulate my value. Right away, she showed me exactly what I needed to do and gave me the confidence and support to do it. 

I loved Krista’s warmth, humor, and compassion. She made me feel safe, supported and understood. Her experience and knowledge of marketing is amazing. She will zero in on the thing that will move your business in the right direction, so you don’t get distracted or discouraged."

~ Brenda B., Business Storyteller + Copywriting Coach

"Since hiring Krista, I have appreciated her undiluted enthusiasm for the work I do, both as a coach and as a business owner.  I love her insightful questions and very practical guidance in helping me identify my niche and make my message clear and powerful. 

In less than two months together, I have already recouped my investment in our coaching. More than that, I have found my confidence and professional footing as a personal development and transition coach. 

Having my own coach who advocates for my success and believes in my dreams has made me a much, much better coach to my clients. "

~ Melissa D, Personal Development, and Transition Coach

It's time to stop waiting and say YES to what's possible.

Reserve your spot to join us June 23-25, for Six Figure Impact LIVE!