Discover your path to more clients, income and

impact in your coaching business.  




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What if I told you…


creating a wildly successful coaching business doesn’t have to be hard (and that it can be fun!)?


making six figures (or more) is required if you’re going to create a big impact and leave a meaningful legacy?


…that I broke the 6 figure mark in less than 12 months – and you can, too?


…allowing more money to flow through your life and your business doesn’t make you greedy…it actually makes you MORE of who you already are?

Your business is the vehicle that allows you to create a meaningful impact on your life, the lives of your clients, and the world.

When did it become ok to settle for “so-so” results or just barely getting by?

Join us at Six Figure Impact® LIVE! to uncover how:


your business is the vehicle through which you can change the world.

your growth doesn’t have to be incremental (unless you say it does).

to achieve something you’ve never achieved before, you have to be willing to do things you’ve never done before.

being amazingly generous and incredibly successful aren’t mutually exclusive: they actually go hand in hand. 

each of us has the right – and responsibility – to live a life full of meaning, abundance, and impact.


Grow your business. Make a bigger impact.  Love your life.

By working with Krista, my focus, confidence, and results have soared.

She keeps me in my lane so that I can use my energy in a focused, productive way.

In one month, I made more money than I did in all of the previous years.

~ Diana M., Executive Wellness, and Weight Loss Coach


I had a $21,000 week. I’d say that’s success!

This would NEVER have happened had I tried to create my coaching business as a DIY project.

Since working with Krista, I’ve created workshops, gained confidence in being visible wherever I go, as well as having set up processes to inviting, enrolling and communicating with clients. Krista’s guidance has been above and beyond my expectations.

~ Joanne A., Professional Development & Academic Life Coach


Krista helped me and an authentic way of talking about my coaching which makes it feel easy and lets my passion for it show.

I now confidently talk about what I do to everyone I meet, and I’ve gotten clients and referral partners because of it!

~ Becky D., Life Coach


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Join us to discover how to create more income
and impact in your business.

$397   $197

Where will you be one year from now?


When you’re doing it all alone it’s easy to get off track, focus on the wrong things and lose your momentum.  

The more shiny objects you chase and the more misaligned strategies you try, the more frustrated you’ll get – guaranteed.

I have really great news:  there’s an easier way to grow your business.

At Six Figure Impact® LIVE! I’ll help you clearly see what to do to grow your business so that it fits into your lifestyle (instead of the other way around), when to do it, and show you how to create the results in your business that you know, in your heart, is possible.

This intimate event has been designed specifically to help you approach your business differently and to stop the doubt and confusion around how to grow and leverage your business.  You’ll walk away knowing exactly what to do to serve more clients, bring in more income, create a bigger impact and allow (a heck of a lot) more freedom into your life and business.

It’s time to allow the right strategy and the right mindset to infuse your business and create results.

Whether you’re still ramping up and need more support with your marketing and revenue plan or you’re further along and want to know the secret to earning more while working less – at Six Figure Impact® LIVE!! I’ll show you how.

This event has one specific mission:  to show you how to upgrade your business, your mindset, and your strategy so you can create a much bigger impact in the next 6-12 months than you ever thought possible.


It’s time. Your clients – and the world – are waiting.


You will have the tools, confidence, and knowledge to create your own



This event will give you:


1.  Marketing and business strategy that aligns with who you are, your values, and allows you to serve your clients at a high level (and make bank).
2. The exact frameworks and systems that allowed me to grow from $60k to $200k+ in less than 12 months (and allows my clients to do the same). 
3. Clarity on exactly what your big business and life vision is (I call this your Six Figure Impact®). Once you know this, there’s no stopping you…
4. A fool-proof sales process that your clients will thank you for as they sign up to work with you.
5. Your own Revenue Roadmap detailing your revenue streams, business model, your offers, and the exact steps you need to take to transform your business into a client attracting and revenue generating machine. No more chasing clients!  
6.  The Six (and Seven) Figure Mindsets that are necessary for you to achieve your next level of business growth.

What you’ll experience: 


Meaningful conversations with like-minded coaches and impact-creating service based business owners. You’ll feel energized, inspired, and supported every step of the way.

The connections you’ll make at this event will extend long after our 2 days together. Referral partners, team members, accountability buddies, clients, and collaboration opportunities are all waiting for you at Six Figure Impact® Live!.

A supportive community of people who are excited to lift you up and support you in this amazing next phase of your business’ expansion.

Real, no-holds-barred guidance from someone who has been where you are, understands what you’re going through, and is willing to share everything she learned – including all the missteps – on her journey.

A premier location within walking distance of exciting attractions, top-notch gourmet restaurants, upscale shopping, entertainment….and more!

Join us for a life changing, impact creating, and income inducing adventure.

Welcome. I’m glad you’re here.

I’m Krista Martin, business & marketing coach and founder of Make Your Mark® and the Six Figure Impact® Academy.

I’ve been EXACTLY where you may be right now – in fact, I’ve been on both ends of the business building spectrum.

I’ve been in the place of trying to ramp up my business and not getting any traction.

I’ve also been very near burn out because of having too many clients, too much work and a business model that didn’t allow me to have the freedom I craved.

It all started when I was working full-time while building my coaching business.  

After being released from a job that I didn’t love, I went all in and didn’t have a “Plan B”.

That year was scary, amazing and adventuresome all rolled into one. It was also the first year my coaching business reached into the land of multiple six figures.  

Each day, I re-committed to my vision and making the impact that called me forward. That’s one of the reasons why I created Six Figure Impact® LIVE!. I want you to have the opportunity to re-commit to YOU, your business, and the impact you’re here to make.  

Now, I earn more income than I ever did in my sales job, work with amazing clients that I adore, pick up my kids at the bus stop, donate to causes that are important to me and have created my Six Figure Impact® .  

Grow your business. Make a bigger impact.  Love your life.

Sign up now and join us in October to discover how to create more income and impact in your business.  


Reserve your seat for Six Figure Impact® LIVE!

Where is Six Figure Impact® LIVE!?

Six Figure Impact® LIVE! event will take place at Roam-Buckhead, Atlanta, GA 30305 October 16-18th, 2019.

About 45 minutes from Hartsfield-Atlanta airport (ATL), it’s an easy ride on MARTA or Uber to the hotels and meeting location.

The event is in the heart of Buckhead and is within walking distance to many trendy restaurants and shops.

You’ll likely want to book an extra day (or stay the weekend) to take advantage of the fun, food, and culture that’s available to you in this area.   

Why you don’t want to miss it


Need a roommate? Want to network before the event? Want to make travel plans? The Six Figure Impact® LIVE!  Private Facebook Group is the most fun place to be.



Be prepared to make incredible business connections and long-term friendships that will last long after the event. Running your business can be isolating so I’ve taken every step possible to make sure you feel like you’re right at home, with your new business besties.


This is intentionally an intimate, workshop-style event. You’ll have lots of time to ask questions, get focused attention and eyes on your business and will leave feeling confident about your plan as it will align with the impact you’re called to create.

Reserve your spot to join us October 16-18th, 2019, for Six Figure Impact® LIVE!  

Today’s special rate: $197  $397

I cannot thank Krista enough for all of her support. Without her gentle (and some- times not so gentle) nudges getting me into ‘imperfect action,’ I’d still be wondering what to do next, signing up for every free webinar, overwhelmed and unfocused.

My hesitation to work with a business coach can only be described as IRONIC be- cause I could easily justify investing in things…like systems, training, etc., but for some reason, it took me a long time to realize that I needed to invest in ME. I had grown as much as I could on my own, but to get to the next level, I needed help.

That’s where Krista came in. Since we started working together, I secured my first corporate client (it was a home run!), and I’m now getting referrals and opportunities to speak, consult, and train. My business is growing.

~ Camille M., Leadership Coach and Consultant


As a business storyteller and copywriter, I knew there was a real need for my ser- vices, but I wasn’t sure how to best position myself or whether anyone would pay me to help them.

Krista helped me to clearly see, appreciate, and articulate my value. Right away, she showed me exactly what I needed to do and gave me the confidence and support to do it.

I loved Krista’s warmth, humor, and compassion. She made me feel safe, supported and understood. Her experience and knowledge of marketing is amazing. She will zero in on the thing that will move your business in the right direction, so you don’t get distracted or discouraged.

~ Brenda B., Business Storyteller + Copywriting Coach


Since hiring Krista, I have appreciated her undiluted enthusiasm for the work I do, both as a coach and as a business owner.

I love her insightful questions and very practical guidance in helping me identify my niche and make my message clear and powerful.

In less than two months together, I have already recouped my investment in our coaching. More than that, I have found my confidence and professional footing as a personal development and transition coach.

Having my own coach who advocates for my success and believes in my dreams has made me a much, much better coach to my clients.

~ Melissa D, Personal Development, and Transition Coach


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Six Figure Impact® LIVE for?

Six Figure Impact® LIVE! is a perfect for you if:

  You’re a coach or service-based business owner that’s passionate about what you do, but you’re having difficulty attracting enough clients.

 You know you need more support with converting more clients.

 You either don’t have a business model (or know what it is!) or you have one that’s not working for you.

 You’re ready to (majorly) upgrade your current results in your business, reach more people, allow more income to flow through your business and create a much bigger impact. (We’re throwing “incremental growth” out the window!)

 You’re excited that this will be the year you finally turn a profit.

 You want a business that creates more freedom, less stress, and more time for you to live the life you want.

 You’re ready to leverage your business (clients and opportunities are great but where’s the free time?!) and know you need new systems and strategies to achieve it.

Who is this event NOT for?

This event is NOT for you if:

You don’t have a business yet.

You’re unwilling to do the inner work to achieve the outer results that you dream about.

You like to complain and look for reasons that your dream business won’t come true.

You attend event after event without ever implementing anything.  

You like to make excuses and blame others for your results.  

You don’t keep your agreements and commitments.

What should I wear?

The goal is for you to be comfortable and show up as the business owner (leader) that you are. Business casual works great and something fun for the cocktail party reception

What does the agenda look like?
October 16th October 17th

*REGISTRATION:  7:30-9:00am

DAY 1: Mindset + Strategy
9:00-10:30 Main Content
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Main Content
12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 Main Content
3:30-4:00 Afternoon Break
4:00-5:30 Main Content
5:30-7:00 Dinner on Own
7:00-9:00pm Cocktail Party

DAY 2: Strategy + Systems
9:00-10:30 Main Content
10:30-11:00 Coffee Break
11:00-12:30 Main Content
12:30-2:00 Lunch
2:00-3:30 Main Content
3:30-4:00 Afternoon Break
4:00-5:30 Main Content
How many people will be at Six Figure Impact® LIVE!?

Six Figure Impact® LIVE! is intentionally an intimate, workshop-style event and seating is limited. We sold out last year and will sell out again this year, too! 

You’ll have lots of time to ask questions, get focused attention and eyes on your business and will leave feeling confident about your plan as it will align with the impact you’re called to create.

If you’re considering joining us for the event, please don’t wait. Once the seats are gone, they’re gone.

What if I have additional questions?

Still not quite sure if this event is right for you? No problem.

Please send a note to support (at) with “Six Figure Impact® Live! Questions” in the subject line and we’ll make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.

Is there a guarantee?

My promise to you is this:  as a result of attending Six Figure Impact® LIVE!, you’ll not only feel re-energized about your business, but you’ll achieve a new level of clarity, focus, and confidence about what to do, when, and how you to make it happen.

If, after the first full day of attending Six Figure Impact® LIVE! you are not 100% satisfied and wish to leave the event, we’ll refund the cost of your ticket.

Simply hand in your materials and workbook upon departure, notify my team of your dissatisfaction and we’ll provide a credit within 10 days of the close of the event.

Refunds and credits will not be provided for no-shows or cancellations.

Still not quite sure if this event is right for you? 

Please send a note to support (at) with “Six Figure Impact® Live! Questions” in the subject line and we’ll make sure you get the answers you’re looking for.

How can I find a roommate or connect with others before the event?

We’ve created a Six Figure Impact® LIVE! Facebook group for that very reason. You’ll be able to connect with other attendees pre, during, and post the event. 

The world needs what you have to offer (and pronto). 

Reserve your seat to join us October 16-18th, 2019.